About the Company: CheckVelocity, Inc. is a payment processing company located in Nashville, Tennessee. They wanted help changing their image from a check recovery and collections company to a nationwide payment processing leader. We began working with CV in November 2005. They expressed a desire for a solid business growth strategy, communications platform and lead generation model. They also wanted to leverage their existing relationships and needed high-end custom presentations to close the sale in their existing pipeline.


CheckVelocity’s immediate goal was to increase its volume 5 times by 2007. CheckVelocity’s long-term goals were to organize their products to become a comprehensive payment processing company, have a solid brand, increase market awareness, and automate their online/offline sales tools to support their existing sales staff.


Market Research

Strategic Planning

Written Execution Plan

Written Company Marketing Content

Custom Sales Presentations

Electronic & Printed Sales Collateral


Marketing Emails

Style Guide

Relationship Generation Engine


It required 6 months to produce all CheckVelocity’s communications and solidify their brand. By the second month, we completed custom presentations for their prospect in the pipeline. They were produced with great success and are still being used today. We also completed a relationship generation engine that produces 200 new relationships a month. Currently, we are producing standard presentations for multiple verticals to automate their sales and closing process. CheckVelocity expects to reach their goals for 2007.




27 July 2017


Branding, Content Writing, Website Design, RFI / RFP, Lead Generation, Email Brochure, Strategy, Deal Closure

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