In January 2016 VM and Continental Credit Control (CCC) established a mutually beneficial partnership to exclusively service the Radiology /Imaging Diagnostic Industry.  CCC had previously serviced the nation’s largest radiology groups and we used their experience as leverage in the sales process.

CCC & RADREVNUE also established exclusive agreements with the nation’s top insurance, software, and billing providers. In addition, a proprietary software program was built to manage all partnerships and clientele. Weekly status meetings are performed between VM, Sales and Executive staff. Since January 2016 RADREVENUE has increased annual revenue by $910,800. CCC has invested $53,300 in hard cost providing an ROI of $857,500. The company went to market in March of 2016 after a 45-day development & testing period.  Revenue will continue to grow exponentially until 30% of market-share in acquired. Currently, RADREVENUE has 0.003% of market-share and services the top 3 radiology groups in the nation.


One of our first campaigns was as simple as making a cup of coffee. We wanted a promotional item a Radiologist would carry around the office. The "I'm RAD" coffee mug was born. We can't print them fast enough.


The RADREVENUE name is a double entendre. RAD for Radiologist and RAD for collections.


We designed and developed three websites for CCC. http://radrevenue.com, http://contcred.com & http://payradbill.com


More than 25 RFP / RFI's have been created for RADREVENUE.




22 January 2015


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