Increasing sign-up and placement time by 25%

I think the most important thing on your collection agency website should be your ability to make it ridiculously easy for new customers to sign-up and place accounts.  In this example: . The homepage obviously describes what we do for Dental Practices. We’re Dental Collectors. When they are hooked we have a responsibility to show how easy it is for them to switch. I think this is the most important part of the sale.

The current problem

I’ve worked with hundreds of collection companies. I won’t get into too much detail but 95% of the time it goes like this… Please sign and print this agreement and email it to me. That could take a month. Once that is done, let’s get some information about your company and your accounts. Maybe another few weeks to schedule an orientation meeting and set them up on your collection system. Now you need them to send you the accounts through your VPN, Collection Software (requires training) or by email, Dropbox etc. This whole process can take 1-6 months and your prospects know it.

The solution

Remove the stigma that might be associated with switching to a new collection agency by organizing everything online. Tell them it’s going to take 5 minutes because that’s all it should take.  Have one form that captures information about their company and then present a contract followed by a secure way to upload files. In addition have them in separate sections so a sales person can easily reference the online process for contract engagement on placement. Once your new customer is on boarded in five minutes, then set them up on the collection software with a login.

Get it done now

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