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Who We Are as People is Defined by Our Accomplishments and The Dedication to Our Work.

Levon Vinton Moss, President

When I was six I saw my first really bad McDonalds commercial so I threw my spoon at the television. I knew then that I had to be in communications. 10 Years later I went to school to be an Architect. My introduction into communications didn't come until a few years later when I started designing exterior brands for Fortune 500 companies. My first major contract was 1,400 locations for FedEx. You remember the old Federal Express? Preceding the FedEx brand, I worked on more than twenty Fortune 500 brand transitions. I worked in branding and design until age 24 and I started Vinton Moss in 1999. I wanted to know everything I could about Business Development. Over the past ten years I’ve worked in almost every aspect of top line business development; from writing business platforms to creating campaigns and identities for nationally-recognized brands. Eight years ago I began to focus strictly on the Accounts Receivable Industry and with the help of number of great people built a comprehensive system for top-line Business Development. One very important thing I’ve learned through my experience is that I know nothing. This philosophy keeps me listening and learning.

I’m a big fan of data. So from 2000 - August 2010 I read constantly and completed more than 85 Books and Courses on Business Development. The educational texts encompass Sales, Communications, Application Development, Operations, Management, Finance, Philosophy, Leadership & Personal Development.
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- Levon, August 27th, 2010


Tom Robison, VP Business Development

In the last 17 years, prior to working with Vinton Moss I successfully closed new business for collection agencies in A/R Industry. I’ve worked along side many business development and marketing departments of some of our most recognizable collection agencies. I have served as Senior Vice President and Director of Marketing for Asset Management and Servicing/Collections companies. My industry experience has ranged from working with large Universities to Financial Institutions and I have presented/won many multi-million dollar business proposals. Over my 17 years in collections I have formed strong relationships with Financial, Automotive, Educational, Medical and Utility Industry leaders.

- Tom, September 10th, 2010

Todd August, Creative Director

"The Gold Bug" is a short story by Edgar Allen Poe, set on Sullivan's Island, South Carolina involving deciphering a secret message or code (called a cryptograph) and finding buried treasure. This story of a strange man named William Legrand who seemingly goes mad after finding and being bitten by a bug thought to be made of pure gold was first published in June 1843. Shortly after being bit, Mr. Legrand notifies his closest friend, the narrator, telling him to immediately come visit him at his home on Sullivan's Island. Upon the narrators arrival, Legrand informs him that they are embarking upon a search for hidden treasure. The narrator has intense doubt and questions if Legrand has gone insane. After following several clues from solving the secret code, however, they find treasure buried by the infamous pirate "Captain Kidd", that is estimated by the narrator to be worth about fourteen million dollars. Now how does this all relate? The first time I met Levon I knew he was a William Legrand and that as the architect and founder of Vinton Moss it was easy to see that he specializes in deciphering the business development code. Having first hand brand development experience with a number of successful F500 companies this complex business development and branding "code" can appear overwhelming and downright unsolvable. There are no secret messages to business development or branding but with few exceptions (and I mean a very few exceptions) these F500 companies I have worked for sure like to complicate things. After my third major brand development program with an entertainment industry giant it was clear to me most of these companies have no clue what the hell they are doing and spend ridiculous amounts of money and time spinning their wheels trying to manufacture "value". Vinton Moss, like William Legrand, specializes in deciphering the code and building brands from the ground up. As my old creative director in Japan used to say "measurable value is the key to any busniness' success, not pretty colors".

"The Gold-Bug Audio Book", "The Gold-Bug Text", "The Gold-Bug PDF"

- Todd, October 1, 2008



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