RADREVENUE August 2018 - Radiology Revenue


In January 2016 VM and Continental Credit Control (CCC) established a mutually beneficial partnership to exclusively service the Radiology /Imaging Diagnostic Industry.  CCC had previously serviced the nation’s largest radiology groups and we used their experience as leverage in the sales process. CCC & RADREVNUE also established exclusive agreements with the nation’s top insurance, software, and billing providers. In addition, a proprietary software program was built to manage all partnerships and clientele. Weekly status meetings are performed between VM, Sales and Executive staff. Since January 2016 RADREVENUE has increased annual revenue by $910,800. CCC has invested $53,300 in hard cost providing an ROI of $857,500. The company went to market in March of 2016 after a 45-day development & testing period.  Revenue will continue to grow exponentially until 30% of market-share in acquired. Currently, RADREVENUE has 0.003% of market-share and services the top 3 radiology groups in the nation.

Staff & Expense

RADREVENUE employed one sales person who works part-time 20 hours per week. 
Staff member qualifications:

  1. Proficiency Salesforce.com CRM (SalesCollect.com)
  2. Proficiency with Outlook


  1. Base Salary for Sales Rep. $2,000 per month + 7.5% commission
  2. VM Retainer. $3,000 per month X8 = $24,000 + 4% commission
  3. Tradeshow: $16,000 Annual
  4. Printing: $1200 - Annual

Cost Vs. Benefit - VM Business Development Plan Radiology Collection Company. $910,800 in New Revenue & 1,620% Return On Investment


VM strongly believes it is important to consider your ROI when hiring a business development firm. These results are only achieved when our program is executed properly in the collection industry. New Annual Revenue is based on properly managed timelines and educated staff.

New Annual Revenue to Date: $910,800

For every dollar RADREVENUE invested in their brand in 2016, they will receive $16.20 back in revenue or $910,000. For the $33,200 VM invested we will receive a 4% commission of net fee or $34,300. Commissions to VM will begin after $1,000,000 in new net revenue is collected. Both our companies will grow exponentially and VM plans to continue to help RADREVENUE for years.

Tasks Completed by VM to Create Results

Over a 45 day period, VM completed 80% of the 114 tasks outlined below. It is common for unique tasks to require 90-120 days such as software integrations, and advertising campaigns. Many tasks are duplicated monthly to ensure the continuous promotion of company services.

  1. Assessment of Agency’s Growth and Value
  2. Research of Competition in Vertical Market
  3. Research of Market Condition & Environmental Factors
  4. Business Growth Strategy – Task Management for 365 Days
  5. Quantified Strategy to Ensure Business Growth
  6. Online Project Management Software to Manage Deadlines & Communication
  7. Naming of Company Relevant to Market (RADREVENUE)
  8. Logo Design (RADREVENUE)
  9. Brand Documentation to Maintain Consistency Throughout Company
  10. USP / Elevator Pitch – True Unique Value in Collections
  11. Content Creation / Writing & Editing all Marketing Content
  12. Branded Unique Images/Photography & Copyrighting
  13. Ebrochure – 10 pages (Graphics & Content)
  14. Collection Fulfillment Diagrams Documentation
  15. Skip tracing Fulfillment Diagrams Documentation
  16. Payment Processing & Verification Documentation
  17. Compliance Diagrams and Verification Documentation
  18. RFI / RFP – 60 pages
  19. Website – 45 Pages – www.radrevenue.com
  20. All Website Content Formatted
  21. Website Administration Module for Immediate Edits
  22. Website Hosting
  23. Website Security Maintenance
  24. Website Online Chat
  25. Website Promotions on Homepage
  26. Website New Client Sign-up Portal
  27. Website Client Portal to Review Accounts
  28. Website SEO Optimization
  29. Branded Debtor Payment Gateway
  30. Debtor Payment Gateway Resolution Center
  31. Branded Client Login Portal (Dakcs)
  32. Social Networks & Directories Strategy – LinkedIn, Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram & Online Directories
  33. Design & Manage Social Network Pages
  34. Domain Management (RadiologyRevenue.com)
  35. Email Management / Hosting
  36. Email Signature Files (4)
  37. Business Cards
  38. Letterhead
  39. Tradeshow Display Design
  40. Tradeshow Display Management
  41. Tradeshow Printed Promotional Material
  42. Tradeshow Folder Holder
  43. Tradeshow Giveaways
  44. Tradeshow Advertising Promotional Campaign
  45. Tradeshow Email Campaign
  46. Tradeshow/ Event Seminar Presentation
  47. Webinar Presentation
  48. YouTube Presentation
  49. Case Studies (3) to Prove RADREVENUE Results
  50. Sample Report Prospects Understand
  51. Cost vs. Benefit Analysis Documentation
  52. Prospect Database
  53. CRM, www.SalesCollect.com for Prospect Management
  54. Sales Training & Support (8 Hours)
  55. Sales Stages
  56. Sales Follow-up/ Rebuttals
  57. Sales Tasks (32)
  58. Sales Script Writing (12)
  59. Sales Email Templates (64)
  60. Sales Closing Techniques
  61. Sales Voicemail Scripts
  62. Cold Call Sales Optimization
  63. Online Placement Forms
  64. Advertising in Industry Publications
  65. Sponsorship Ads
  66. Google Adwords
  67. LinkedIn Campaign
  68. Facebook Campaign
  69. Google + Setup
  70. Google Local Advertising
  71. Google PR
  72. Email Campaign Content
  73. Database Management & Purchasing
  74. Database Cleaning
  75. Email Campaign Testing
  76. Email Campaign Distribution Responses to Prospects
  77. Promotional Email Campaign to Existing Static Clients
  78. Referral Program for Existing Clients
  79. Campaign to Old Clients
  80. Separate Number for Sales in Vertical Market
  81. Phone System Script
  82. Phone System Recording
  83. Internal Document for Staff so all Employees Understand Sales Proposition & Prospect Management
  84. Branded Engagement Policies
  85. Steps to Engage with Agency 1-6
  86. Online Forms to Sign-up with Agency in 5 Minutes or Less
  87. Fillable PDF forms to Sign Contract
  88. Fillable PDF forms to Assign Placements
  89. Fillable PDF forms to Describe Account Preferences
  90. Fillable PDF forms for IT information
  91. Branded State Licensing
  92. Branded Insurance Documentation
  93. Branded Data Security Documentation
  94. Branded Disaster Relief Documentation
  95. Branded Compliance Documentation for FDCPA, HIPPA, TCPA, FCRA, CFPB, Dodd Frank, PCI, ISO, PPMS, and SAAE16.
  96. Strategic Partnership Agreements
  97. Strategic Partnerships Agreements with Software Providers in Radiology Market
  98. Strategic Partnerships Agreements with Billing Providers in Radiology Market
  99. Press Release About Agency
  100. Article Published in Print About Agency
  101. Article Published Online About Agency on Over 300 Media Websites
  102. Bad PR online removed. ripoffreport.com, etc.
  103. Personal Letter to Prospects by Mail
  104. Personal Letter to Prospects by Email
  105. Branded Affiliations Documentation
    1. Industry Specific – HFMA, RBMA, AHIMA   
    2. ACA
    3. IACC
    4. Yelp
    5. CAC
    6. Paperless
  106. Set up BBB
  107. Branded Software Integration Documentation & Management
  108. Agency Success Reports
  109. Online Sales Reporting
  110. Online Projected Sales Increase Report
  111. Web Matrix Reporting
  112. Campaign Click-thru Reporting
  113. Quarterly ROI Reporting
  114. Thank You Card to all Existing Customers

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