Thought Equations

How you think everyday effects your progression in life.

Thought Equations for a Successful Life, Mind, Body, and Business

1.       Is there a right or wrong to any decision I make?

2.       What’s the downside to any decision?

3.       Is there a fork in the road or can I go both directions?

4.       Do I have to be super smart to be successful?

5.       Is everyone else smarter than me until everyone tells me I’m smarter than them?

6.       Should I ever define anyone?

7.       Should I ever expect anyone to make the right decision?

8.       Do I know -what I don’t know?

9.       If something is impossible, and I wanted it to be possible, how would I go about doing it?

10.   Is the air I breathe clean?

11.   How am I intoxicating my body and life?

12.   Do I Exercise?

13.   Do I eat poorly?

14.   Do I prepare my own meals?

15.   Do I drink real water?

16.   Do I live for others or for myself?

17.   Have I created something from nothing? A truly original idea that solves a problem in the world?

18.   Do I program myself daily with Mantras?

19.   Do I drink, smoke, or do drugs? Will this stop me from reaching my goals?

20.   Have I designed my life? Or am I reacting to my environmental circumstances?

21.   Do I have more “Will” than anyone I encounter?

22.   What is one hour of my time worth?

23.   Am I defined by others, or can I define myself?

24.   Have I ever tested and measured my life decisions?

25.   Do I ask enough people for help?

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