Be the President of One of Our Agencies. Boca Raton, FL

You are a super squared-away Collections or Operations Manager and you want to step-it-up. Or you are the President of another collection agency but have no equity stake. Email me. I’m offering an equity position + salary in one of our partner companies. All our collection platforms are evolved and grow quickly. As president you will be in a growth position with no cap on responsibility or personal revenue.


A little about our firm

We are a Medical Collection Agency. In this division we have six (6) collectors and (3) three admins. We service 900+ medical facilities currently. We do $1.3m a year and have an aggressive expansion plan for 2017. We expect to grow by $1.1m in the next 12 months, $2.3 year two. If you work as hard as we do, and help us meet our quarterly benchmarks, your equity-share and salary will increase every year.


::: Do not respond to this post if you can’t meet these requirements :::


Roles and Responsibilities

1.    Ask every employee “how are you doing” everyday

2.    Know how to make good coffee

3.    Review all reports and understand what needs to change for better collection results -then change it

4.    Get on the phone and collect an account if required

5.    Learn and manage the collection software system, dialer, skip-tracing, credit reporting, and workstation systems. Manage IT, Sales, CRM and customer service staff.

6.    Maintain a positive relationship with key clients

7.    Help us close new deals when required

8.    Maintain the company’s Mantra & Compliance



1.    Starting base: $60k, evaluation after 90 days

2.    2.5% Stock in 90 days after initial benchmark performance review


Acquiring this Position

1.      Do not send a resume

2.      Tell us why you want to be the president of a collection agency. What you would do with our agency and give examples of your successful ideas from working elsewhere. View            my profile to see agencies we have created in the past.

3.      Send us a collection report on a portfolio you managed in Medical. If its 40% liquidity or better. You’re hired. Less and more realistic, we want to hear your ideas on how to make          a great agency better.

4.     Be able to visit us in Boca Raton. Come to our facility and train for a week. We will cover expenses for qualified participants.

5.     Must have 10+ years medical collection experience. No exceptions.

Please email me casually. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. confirming these requirements.




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