One Quick Trick. Are Your Accounts Not Calling You Back And Is Your Online Payment Portal Getting Poor Results?


Can I start by asking if you have ever asked yourself where the money is coming from in your agency? If your answer is placements from clients, it's not, it's coming from the customers paying off their debt. "How would you like to take care of this today, check or credit card?" If you are asking this question in the first 30 seconds of a collector call, you're not connecting with customers. I've nuked the collection code from all my agencies. We're getting to know customers.



Here's my point. Last month we created a really cool online debtor portal for our customers in the medical industry. I wanted to show it to you... Can I just say without being categorized as bias... If I personally went to this website and cruised around I'd want to contact these guys. Yeah, I can make a payment online, review my bills, etc. Like most payment portals but here I can also get simple questions answered, make a public complaint. One of the biggest requests we get in our marketing company (VM) for collection agencies is "How do we remove our bad PR from Google?" Solution; If customers can voice their anger and get to a real formalized reaction/explanation they are more likely to work with you. So that's it. If you contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. I'll give you a report on how many more payments have been made. Most importantly this website is optimized to come up first on Google when you type the company's name. And that deters bad PR.

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