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I’m looking to purchase the operations of a collection agency to service my Banking and Credit Union Divisions. We have been forwarding our debt for nearly 10 years now and I’d like to own a fulfillment center to service this debt exclusively. My requirements for purchase are relatively simple.  Here is what I’m looking for.

  • 10-25 collectors
  • Collection software updated in the last 3 years (Dialer, Disaster Recovery, Security System, Client, Debtor Portals, assumed)
  • 30 existing credit union or bank clients (I don’t want a learning curve)
  • ISO or SAEE16 compliance (most financial institutions are making this a requirement)
  • Licensed in at least five states that require licensure not including the 14 states that don’t

I’m open on the purchase price. Send me a link to your website and an estimate for the purchase price. I’m open to a long-term buyout with equity of growth if that makes you more comfortable.

Thank you, -LVM


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