Fortune 100 Debt I need an Agency to help collect. Do you meet these requirements?

Last week we received notice that we will help manage the receivables for a Fortune 100 company. This is one of many RFPs to come in commercial and consumer accounts. This portfolio is contingency consumer collections / first party. Your experience and compliance will be the deciphering factor when looking at this portfolio. Once again, I need a specialist. The first portfolio is about $2 million in placements a year with an expected liquidity of 30%. They are “Internal Employee Compensation Overtures.” 25% contingency fee + legal fees covered.


  1. Experience: Internal Employee Compensation Overtures
  • Payroll Fraud
  • Vacation/Sick day Overuse
  • Moving expenses

2. Legal Department

  • Legal Processing
  • Wage garnishments
  • Bank Levy’s
  • Manual Asset Search Subscription

3. SSAE16 or ISO

4. Licensed in all required 50 states

5. PCI

6. More than 60 Collectors (Preferred)


Most debtors (85%) are well paid employees. Do not respond to this request if you don’t meet the requirements. This company has a very firm procurement & approval process. Onsite visit and travel may be required.


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